12 Things You Should NOT Bring With You To Your New House

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12 Things You Should NOT Bring With You To Your New House

Don’t we all dream of the day that we move into a new home? One that’s clean, beautiful, and looks like it was built just for us. There are countless checklists online about all the items you’ll need for your next place – but what about the things you don’t need? We’ve put together a list of belongings and other things that are better left behind:

  1. Plants.

    Our leafy green friends can’t always survive the dark, dry conditions of the moving truck. You might need to let go of your garden when you switch homes. If you really can’t part with your plants, make sure to ask your moving company if they can transport them safely.

  2. Duplicates.

    How many doubles do you really need? If you bring duplicates of items you’ll never need, then soon your new house will be full of clutter. Narrow your belongings down to one of each, and give extras to friends and family.

  3. Outdated furniture.

    When your family member offered you that green leather couch six years ago, you may have been overjoyed. Yay, you thought, free furniture! Now, as you load it onto a moving truck, it doesn’t look so great. Moving to a new home is an opportunity to update the aesthetics of your living space. The different walls and floors in your home might look better with entirely different pieces.

    Reconsider those flimsy chairs you bought for $5 in your first week of college – it could be time for something more stable.

  4. Books.

    You may love reading, but as you pack, you’ll realize just how much space your novels take up. What’s the point in bringing them along if they’ll remain in the same box that you packed them in for years? It might be time to go digital and pick up an e-reader instead. It’ll save you space and money since online books are less expensive than physical copies.

  5. Excess junk and clutter.

    It can be hard to let go of belongings that have sentimental value to us. When you’re ready to purge your old junk, it will probably be too much trash for your regular garbage collection team. In that case, you’ll need to rent a dumpster bin. Use it to get rid of the junk that would crowd your new home.

  6. Unused electronics.

    These days, one device is capable of doing multiple things. Do you really need that old DVD player from 2000? Electronics take up space and waste energy; if you don’t use it, don’t bring it.

  7. Clothes that you don’t wear.

    Sometimes, it’s difficult to let go of things that other people bought for us. That hideous sweater from your uncle? Sure, it’s sentimental, but if you never plan to wear it, then you might consider donating it instead. You will lighten your load considerably if you leave behind unwearable clothing.

  8. Bed bugs and other pests.

    What’s worse than a bug infestation? Probably one that follows you when you try to leave it behind. Make sure to check beneath your mattresses and in your cupboards for signs of pests, including droppings or bite marks.

  9. Flammable or toxic items.

    You don’t know what will happen when your items roll into the moving truck. Explosive, flammable, or toxic items might cause an accident; these include fireworks, spray cans, and gasoline. Don’t bring these along with you, or you risk turning your move into a disaster.

  10. Dust and debris.

    Don’t track all the dirt from your old home into your new one. If your possessions are covered in dust, give them a thorough cleaning before bringing them along. But with all the work associated with moving, you might want to pay someone else to do that instead. Look online for reviews when you’re deciding how to choose a cleaning service, or ask family members for their recommendations.

  11. Anything that’s expired.

    As you pack away your pantry, glance at the expiration dates on all your food items. Is it time to toss them and replace them once you’re done moving? It won’t do you much good to bring along a box of expired pasta; once you cook it, all you’ll have is a bowl full of regret. Even beauty products like foundation and mascara expire.

  12. Bad roommates.

    It’s tough to pay the entirety of a mortgage by yourself, along with all the other bills that come with owning property. That’s why most people opt for roommates – they can help you with those monthly expenses, and provide some company when you’re lonely. Unfortunately, not all housemates were created equally. Consider switching your roommates if they’ve been causing you grief.


Moving is no easy task, but you’ll make it a lot easier on yourself if you narrow down your belongings before you go. It might seem overwhelming, so try to take it one day at a time. Start to sort your things into piles: what you need, what you can donate, and what belongs in the dumpster. After a thorough decluttering, your burden will be lighter than you expected. When you’re looking to move into a new home, call the experts at Careful Movers. We not only help you move, but also offer cleaning and junk-removal services. Let us be your one-stop shop! Call today for a quote.

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