Is it Worth it to Hire Professional Movers?

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Is it Worth it to Hire Professional Movers?

Congratulations! You’ve spent weeks looking at websites and shopping properties, and now you’ve finally found the perfect place to live, signed the lease, and paid the security deposit. Next comes the part that most people really fear: It’s officially time to pack up your belongings and move out. There are plenty of options from doing it all yourself to hiring professionals that’ll haul boxes and even full-service movers who pack up your belongings for you.


In most cases, it’s better to leave it to the experts, as they’re experienced and familiar with the nuances and processes of moving. However, every move is different, so it’s important to consider what you can spend and how much time you’re willing to invest. Here’s a breakdown of scenarios where hiring professionals just makes the most sense.


When to hire professional movers:


  • Consider your timeline. If you’re short on time, hiring a professional moving company can reduce stress and let you tackle other necessary parts of a move like setting up Wi-Fi or utilities.
  • If you’ve budgeted for movers, keep in mind that busy seasons like spring and summer can cause companies to book up quickly. Booking at least a month in advance is a smart choice, especially if you don’t want to be lifting heavy boxes yourself.
  • It can be tricky to move bulky items like TVs, couches, and other furniture. If you plan on hauling heavy stuff from your apartment and don’t have friends to help, it’s probably best to hire a couple of professionals to avoid damaging your beloved bed frame or pricey TV.
  • Making the move across state lines? If you’ve got a long-distance move ahead, it can be convenient to meet your boxes at the new place rather than enduring a multi-day road trip in a U-Haul.
  • Another perk to using a moving company is that they often have extra supplies, like tape and bubble wrap, on hand if you need to secure any boxes or pad your items last minute. Usually, the cost of those materials is added on top of the service price.
  • Think about the weather — do you mind packing up a truck when there’s ice and snow on the ground? Or on a humid, hot day? If that doesn’t sound appealing, it’s another reason to hire movers.
  • How are your organization skills? If the thought of packing up every room fills you with dread — how do you wrap picture frames? How many boxes do you need for your closet? How should you pack glassware? Then consider a moving company that also provides packing services. They’ll be able to organize and pack each room, plus take apart and reassemble furniture like bed frames or TV mounts.
  • The best part about hiring help is that you can pick and choose what services you need. If you only need someone to move big items like mattresses or sofas, consider apps like Dolly or Task Rabbit for one-off tasks to simplify your move.


When you’re ready to start your move, call on the professional movers who have been serving San Antonio since 2010, and have racked up hundreds and hundreds of five-star Google ratings. Call Careful Movers and let our team handle all the heavy lifting and make your moving process smooth, simple, and pain-free.

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