Reasons to Hire a Professional Mover

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Reasons to Hire a Professional Mover

While it can definitely be exciting, moving to a new home is often both emotionally and physically stressful. For many, the decision to either hire a professional mover or do it yourself is always a debate. Should you hire a group of professionals to do your moving for you?

Let’s look at some of the advantages of having professional help with your new move.

1. Save Time and Money on Packing

Packing alone accounts for approximately one quarter of your moving expense. Yes, that’s a significant number. Let’s do a quick cost benefit analysis: if you pack your stuff yourself, you may actually end up spending more.

First, you will probably use more cartons or boxes than required. Second, your fragile belongings may get damaged due to insufficient packing, so you end up incurring heavy costs. On the other hand, professional movers are trained to pack efficiently and do it quicker. What could take you weeks may take them only a few days.

2. Local Experience

Any experienced, professional moving company is sure to be very familiar with the neighborhoods and areas around town. They drive them consistently while hauling cargo just like yours.  Understanding the routes and the neighborhood is essential so that your belongings can be safely dispatched and transported.

3. Safety of Your Belongings

Let’s face it – your hired help are professionals who are more experienced than you are. Moving items just like yours is literally their business, and the safety of your belongings is of paramount concern to them. Not only is their reputation and income relying on doing a quality job for you, but your personal belongings are also insured. This will provide you peace of mind. These professionals use heavy-duty wrap for all furniture and plastic covers to avoid damage and to seal your stuff from dirt and dust.

4. Proper Equipment

A do-it-yourself approach is fine. Unfortunately, a borrowed truck from a buddy does not come with the right equipment to move your stuff safely – another reason you’d want to hire professional help. They come with the right gadgets that make moving simpler.

Your professional mover will use hoisting straps, two wheel, four wheel or appliance dollies, ramps and custom built trucks with air ride cushions to transport your belongings in a safe and secure manner. So whether it is moving an L-shaped couch out of your door or dismantling your furniture, your hired band of help will figure it all out for you.

5. Appropriate Manpower

Speaking of that truck you borrowed from your friend, you’ll probably want to get some assistance with your move. After all, nothing is more tedious that trying to move an entire home (or even small apartment) completely by yourself. While your friends are probably all great people, they don’t have the experience or background to be the most useful help. There’s always the risk of the “too many cooks in the kitchen” situation, as well as the potential for a loss of friends over a “pivot” situation.

6. Straight forward estimates

Ideally, there are no hidden costs when you hire professional movers. Their charges are estimates of the distance or the kind of service or storage you opt for. Since this is a local move, the distance cost will be relatively lower. These movers will discuss moving and service cost prior to when the moving begins.

7. Friendly customer service

Being trained professionals, these movers, in addition to providing you with the necessary services, also possess an impeccable customer service rating. Easy to approach, they provide suggestions and solutions to your moving problems. So if you want things done differently or require their opinion, feel free to voice it out.


When you consider each of these, the advantages of hiring a professional moving company may outweigh the do-it-yourself approach. It is also less stressful and poses a lesser health hazard. So put your reservations aside, and hire professionals for the job. When you’re getting ready for your move, call the local San Antonio moving experts at Careful Movers. We specialize in a wide variety of moving services, including residential, commercial and senior moves!

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