San Antonio Summer Moving Guide

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San Antonio Summer Moving Guide

If you’re moving to San Antonio this summer, let us be the first to offer you a hearty bienvenidos! Welcome to the Alamo City! If you’re a fan of sunny days, amazing food, fun culture and warm weather, you’re going to love it.

While San Antonio is welcoming and inviting, there are some things you may need to know when you’re preparing for your move to San Antonio. Here are some of top tips for how to move to the area during the summer months. Consider this the officially unofficial San Antonio Summer Moving Guide!

Know the Neighborhoods

One of the keys to moving into San Antonio is knowing where you’re going, and how the neighborhoods all connect. Each area of town has its own slightly different personality. For example, moving into Alamo Heights is going to feel a lot different than moving into the Medical Center. It’s also a good idea to get familiar with your best route to and from important locations, like work or the nearest H-E-B. And yes, you should definitely find your favorite H-E-B store. Everyone in San Antonio has one they like best, one they use when in a pinch, and one they absolutely hate using but will if they must.

Consider our helpful San Antonio neighborhoods guide to give you some additional guidance on which part of town might be best for you.

Find Some Great Food

One of the biggest selling points of San Antonio (aside from the cost of living) is the abundance of delicious food. Whether you’re looking for tried-and-true taco trucks, mouth watering Mexican food, or you’re hoping to find more refined, upscale meals, there’s something for everyone in San Antonio.

As someone moving to the city, though, you’ll want to make note of the best restaurants and food options near you. Settling in during a move usually means a lot of eating out, since you don’t have all your regular kitchen amenities and cookware. Finding the best options makes the move to town more convenient, and also keeps you from eating generic fast-food that you could find anywhere. Personally, we’re fond of places like Chester’s Hamburgers, Rome’s Pizza, Burger Boy, Alamo Cafe, Sea Island Shrimp House, Mamacita’s, Sushi Zushi or Rudy’s for local comfort food chains. Each of these offers multiple locations around town and delicious eats at a great value.

Get Settled in with Services

Okay, so you know where you’re going and you know what you’re going to eat – now it’s time to get settled on your utilities and services. For electricity, you’re 99.9% likely to be required to go with CPS, and you’re almost as certain to have to go with SAWS for your water. There are multiple internet providers in town, but your selection might vary a bit depending on where you’re located. Spectrum, Google Fiber, and AT&T are the three most common, but there are some other various options out there, especially if you’re settling in on a more rural edge of town.

Take in Some Sights

San Antonio is a prime tourist destination in Texas for a reason! From the Riverwalk and historic La Villita downtown to more theme park-styled sites like Fiesta Texas and SeaWorld, there’s no shortage of sights and activities in town. We’re way more than just the Alamo. Get familiar with the San Antonio missions (buildings or baseball, your choice), explore the Blue Hole and the springs and caves near Brackenridge Park, meet a new fuzzy friend at the San Antonio Zoo, or find zen at the Japanese Tea Garden. The options are limitless!

Consider Hiring Professional Movers

Now that you’ve got a plan for what to do once you’re a San Antonian, now you need to figure out how to make the actual move happen. That’s where we come in. San Antonio is known for many things, but among them is the heat and humidity that comes with our summers. The last thing you want to do is be lugging boxes and furniture in and out of your home when the thermometer reads 105° or higher.

Instead, let our team handle all your San Antonio moving needs. We’re experts at managing the move process and can help you get settled into your new place quickly and easily. Just give our team a call or use our contact form to get a free quote and let our team do the heavy lifting for your move to San Antonio!

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